Little Miss Lauren

Photographer: Anne Elizabeth Photography

Of course I'm a huge fan of creating lovely new things from scratch, but utilizing sentimental heirlooms to create new pieces that can be sentimental all over again, with even more connections, makes me so incredibly happy!

Stacie wanted to incorporate her mother's vintage wedding dress and veil into her own wedding celebration. She had a wonderful idea: let her baby daughter, who would be her flower girl, wear pieces that were repurposed from the gown. Three generations of love - I couldn't think of anything better! (Be sure to scroll down to see the "before" photos!)

The only items used, that did not come from the original gown:

  • sewing thread
  • embroidery thread and backing, and ties for the bib
  • elastic button loops on back of dress
  • elastic and navy flowers for headband
  • elastic for lace bloomers

Everything else, was completely and entirely from the vintage gown - yay for repurposing! I also gave back everything from the gown that I did not use. Leftover pieces included most of the bodice, some lace, and the tulle from the veil. Here are some photos of the original gown and some in-progress:

To make all of the requested pieces for Miss Lauren, I had to be creative to be able to pull in all of the key elements and ensure there would be enough fabric and lace to go around. Here's how I made it happen!

Flower Girl Dress:

  • base layer and organza layers from wedding dress, on bodice and skirt
  • hand-sewn lace from wedding dress along front and back necklines
  • buttons from wedding dress sleeves and elastic button loops for back closure


  • same fabric layers as the flower girl dress
  • little lace pieces from the veil sewn along bib edge
  • embroidered monogram, date of wedding and "Flower Girl" on front


  • lace pieces from wedding dress
  • navy flowers to match wedding colors
  • soft white elastic headband

Lace Bloomers:

  • strips of lace from veil sewn onto lining from wedding dress to create a "lace fabric"
  • encased elastic for waist and leg openings


So, what do you think?! Did Stacie have an amazing idea or what? Did Miss Lauren look like the most adorable princess ever? I may be biased, but I think both questions deserve an overwhelming "Yes!"

If you have a special heirloom that you would love to repurpose into other pieces, be sure to reach out by clicking here! I would absolutley love to hear from you!

Kathy Smith